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What is my IP Address? Where is my location?

Geographic location of your IP address
Allow your location to be shared! Allow Location Access when prompted or warned of danger page! :) Nothing dangerous! Use this tool.

Your IP Address is:

Your User-Agent String is: CCBot/2.0 (

Do you want more info about your IP? OK click on button 'Lookup IP Address'

When someone check about your IP, then will see this info too.
There may be differences between IP locators. But Google knows better, and now you know where are you exactly, but others who trying to checking you maybe don't know it for sure.


When prompted, allow your location to be shared to see Geolocation in action! Content blocked? Unblock! See your position on the map.

Finding your location: Checking... Please allow (from Browser) your location to be shared. It's not dangerouse!


Find out approximately where you are.
Try Microsoft Bing too:)

Click on the button:

This online tool is not so dangerous! Use it:)

But You must know that when you allow GPS and Location (You are positioning yourself via your Smart Phone, Tablet), and then Google get your data. Google collects all about your IP,ISP and show this on the google map... Everybody got your real street, block, house address ... and when someone check your IP, then has available with your real address (your street, your block, house) ... This exactly is very dangerouse! Never positioning from your wi-fi router in house via your phone, tablet! Google will know all and show this on da map! Capisci?

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