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[and then Your Operating System will use VPN App for all processes, and not only for the Browser App (like IE, Opera, Firefox) like this web Proxy or other... All incomming and outgoing net traffic packets will be encrypted and very secured, and your IP address will be different from yours own from your fuckin' ISP ... because they are sniffing you with powerful Sniffers ... they filtrate your packets ... be sure they do that with attack "man in the middle" ... in fact, everyone in the LAN can Sniff traffic and be a "man in the middle" ... every web server sniff, collect different types of data]

This Proxy cannot open some websites. There are problems with JavaScript Libraries and all options in the site you visit will not function.

This Proxy is not safe! Actually no one is :) All proxy servers have the ability to track everything you do. However, the bad guys track your activity for the purposes of gathering credit cards, emails, user ids and passwords, birth dates and other valuable information. In fact, many ruthless webmasters set up proxy sites just for this purpose! They do this with Sniffers and programming logic. If You use a proxy, the person who runs the proxy can not only see your IP, any links, what you enter in forms, but he can also see other personal information like that. You really shouldn't log into anything important on a proxy, because the person who runs the proxy can see everything. So, I suggest going to a very well known proxy. That way, You know the person who runs the proxy won't abuse the information he has complete access to, and you'll be safe :) remember: never is safe! USE THIS PROXY ONLY FOR BROWSING, AND DO NOT LOGIN TO ANY ACCOUNTS! ... because my ISP Sniffing! ... maybe someone else sniff on the LAN! - yeah, my LAN :) but yours is not safe too :) All my logs are deleted after a few minutes or maybe hours, days (cron job). In my logs of da proxy there are only links, time, IP. No longer, I do not collect any information anymore, not sniffing You! I don't care about your porno browsing :) Nice surfing via this web proxy!

Alternate methods:
2. Google's translate tool allows You to access... The tool fetches website using Google's own servers and will let You access to...
3. The Opera browser has a 'Turbo' & 'VPN' features which allows You to unblock... Since it uses Opera's servers, users can use it to access sites blocked in their stupid country.

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