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This site is a continuation of the old website: since 2008
Now the tools are more :)
Date created: 1 march 2014

It's part of ETI Dev.

Not all tools work properly here on this funny paid host! Sorry!
As whole they were/are created for localhost under BSD/Linux - LAMP
Don't forget to check your php.ini file for some purposes.
Some free webhostings will suspend your website,
and in some paid hostings some of the tools will not work too :)
but i'm lazy to describe you all about this, so excuse me pls :P
Well, just test on localhost. Before many years this website was hosted on my machine under freebsd&php.
The scripts have not been modified to work on too. And that's all folks :)

More working :) tools: (since 2008)

If my web server is UP, then you will be able to see all functionality. But for now server is DOWN :)

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The Money goes for domains renew.
Thanks to all! I appreciate Your help! Thank You very much and God bless You!

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